Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving visibility of your website in natural/organic/algorithmic — non-pay, search results on the Internet search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.)

Typically, the earlier and more often the website appears in search results the more visits will have from the search engine’s users. Properly done SEO increases the volume and the quality of visits to your site from the users of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask or any search engine operating on the Internet. SEO it is a complex process requiring series of steps which in effect make your website or single web pages more noticeable on Google, Bing, Yahoo, in their search results page. Usually the first top spots are the most effective in binging customers to your website. Well optimized website will increase volume and quality of visitors from search engine pages and streamline them to your website. SEO improves of achieving by the optimized website or web pages, higher position in organic, natural (non-pay) search engine results for particular/selected keyword or key phrases.

SEO is a processes to achieve by the optimized website, the top position in organic search engine results for selected keywords and key phrases. The positioning is part of the wider internet marketing. Positioning is based on continuous learning about the mechanisms governing the search and customization of code websites to current search engine algorithms in order to improve the position of the site in the resulting list.
Well optimized website/page can be easily find on the Internet and when someone look for any topic – products, service, price, theme etc on Search Engines like Google 82%, Bing 9%, Yahoo 7% (October 1, 2014 — % of market share) will it find on first page. The organic natural algorithmic good – ‘white hat’ SEO’s results are generated via natural/organic optimization.
Simple speaking it is all the work done on and with the website which will make it to the top search page easy to find usually on first page of the Google, Bing or Yahoo for particular keyword/phrase while searching for product/service/business or anything you imagine.

SEO process involve numerous steps like proper/skilful coding, efficient website design and right adjustment to website’s interface, text, meta tags, correct URL structure. Very important part of SEO is creation of good, interesting content with accurate to your theme/field/ keywords. It involves also well-optimized pictures of your business/products. Nowadays SEO has also reaches in social media like Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest and others – wikipedia, trade publications, you tube, maps – e.g. Google Maps – building mobile applications.
Because more and more people are connected to mobile devices the importance of having well developed and optimized website would be crucial in generating steady flow of customers via the Internet.