Internet Presence

To have a good WEBSITE

  • Keep it Simple
  •  Make Regular Updates
  • Integrate with Social Media
  • Make it Mobile Friendly

Website appearance/look and functionality/usability — design and website structure is a very important aspect of your marketing strategy. In time when, about 5% of retail sale — with 3-5 % constant growth — (the US data on e-commerce 2014 2nd Quarter – 75bln dollars) are made over the Internet or via mobile devices. Properly designed, secured and smoothly functioning website is a key to success in today’s market. The effective, engaging website will bring credibility and enhance company recognition but also will add more visitors, convincing potential clients/customers to buy your product or service.

Constant increase in the use of mobile devises and the Internet make it very import avenue of doing business in today competitive environment. Attractive, well developed and optimized website will bring to the site numerous clients. It also allows them to examine and gather information on your products and service and in the effect should bring more sales to your company.

The Internet presence is a cost effective way of advertising your products, service and the business as a whole. A good website creates brand identity, awareness and interest in the product/service in potential clients who with a click of a button can acquire necessary information about your product – specification, price, warranty etc. Nowadays it is almost mandatory to have your own website  and we can say about a picture that is worth a thousand words now we can say that our website is worth at least couple thousands words more.

Today websites are a very important marketing and advertising tool. It is a must in today business environments and in many instances it is complementary to physical presence. Often just having a website is better option than having a real/physical store. First, the cost of creating and maintaining it are often a fractional cost that the physical structure requires; secondly the internet allow the service to be open 24/7 to the worldwide audience making it very convenient tool for potential clients to evaluate, access and in effect to buy your products or service. It also allows potential clients to familiarize with your business, service, product or offer. The website 24/7 will inform and bring your product or service to your potential clients and they don’t have to even leave home to buy your product. The Internet and its wide proliferation but also changes in buying habits of people due to internet development make website presence crucial in our world of business to succeed.

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